Tools Competition Winner Offer

We are proud to announce that markr is a winner of the prestigious Tools Competition 2022-23

Tools Competition Winner
Tools Competition 2022-23 Winner

Offering a limited number of early access accounts for free

Using the grant awarded by the Tools Competition, we are now offering free early access for a limited number of users.
You can sign up to the waiting list below and start grading and providing personalised feedback in three simple steps.

What is markr?

markr is an AI-assisted grading tool helping teachers assess open-ended questions and provide personalised feedback to students faster.

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Register on mozaWeb

mozaWeb is an online teaching and learning platform with an extensive library of interactive educational content and software.
Through this teaching and learning portal, you can assign tasks to your students easily and grade them using markr. For this offer you don't need to purchase licence for mozaWeb, you can use markr with the free version.
Google Classroom users can transfer their students to mozaWeb with a single click.


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Sign up one or more teacher accounts for your school to participate in the offer. Schools with more than one teacher submissions will be prioritised.

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Participate in a webinar

Learn how to use our tools and hear tips and tricks from our experts. We will contact the registered teachers with the details. After the webinar you will be ready to start grading faster.

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Start grading faster with markr.

Fill in the form below to register for the early access waiting list. We are continuously enrolling users.