AI-assisted grading tool

for schools and universities

Grade open-ended questions and provide personalised feedback in fraction of the time


Cut grading time in half

Our AI-accelerated innovative approach can speed up grading free-form answers so you can focus on teaching students.

Targeted feedback to students

Our AI-assistant helps you give students adequate feedback reflecting on their individual needs.

Standardised grading

Our AI-assistant helps you standardise grading across your team and across your courses.

Security from ground-up

Protect your students' sensitive information.

Integration to your LMS

Seamless integration to the most popular platforms allows you to start grading with a click of a button. Custom integrations available upon request.

Our service

Unlock digital assessment.

Assessment is hard but it needn't be. The dichotomy of scale or depth is over. Assign complex tasks that require analysis and application of knowledge at novel situations and data, deduction of new conclusions. Provide feedback and guidance on student work at the fraction of the time previously imaginable.

You can get started in minutes. We connect to your LMS and pull the answers to be graded. You start grading and our AI technology follows along and starts providing suggestions for scores and feedback instantly. You have full control over grading quality.

Furthermore, we make your assessment secured by

  • filtering out unauthentic responses
  • anonymising student responses for unbiased grading

Our adaptive and fast AI engine unlocks mastery learning at scale. Drive student achievement and satisfaction by providing timely feedback and guidance.

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